About Loss

Everyone has a story to tell.  Sometimes things happen that immediately change the course of events and begin a new story.  On August 19, 2013 something like that happened for me.  I received a phone call informing me that my son had been found dead in his apartment, due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  The news was so shocking I simply could not process it and I handed the phone to my friend who happened to be standing nearby. When she repeated the news to me I heard a primal scream come from my body.  I did not recognize my own voice.  It was as if someone had snatched the sun from the sky and the moon from the heavens.  My whole system was traumatized.


For a while I could not eat or sleep.  I could not think clearly.  The executive functioning of my brain shut down, but not for long.  As friends and family gathered around me with love and care my balance slowly returned.  Everyone who touched me poured a bit of love and strength into me.  I experienced the healing power of human connectivity in ways that I had never known before. Messages of love and support came from all over the world in many forms.  That infusion of love placed the sun back in the sky and the moon back in the heavens, restoring order to my universe.  Love can do that!

In the weeks and months since my son’s sudden and dramatic departure from this physical plane, I have learned to craft a new story.  The people who gathered around me, communicating their love in so many ways have helped source a new story filled with purpose and wisdom.  You don’t have to be traumatized to write a new story for your life.  You simply need to connect.  Connect with yourself.  Connect with others.  And connect with Source.  So come, let us connect and create some new stories together.